5 Tips to Avoid Dumpster Rental Overage Fees

Dumpster rental overage fees are additional expenses you can incur for breaching the agreed dumpster use agreement. Dealing with extra fees is never fun, especially when working on a labor-intensive job like remodeling, demolition, landscaping, or construction. Your residential or commercial project has a specific budget, and paying extra out-of-pocket fees can be challenging. By getting the correct information, you can avoid dumpster rental overage fees in Phoenix.

If you’re in the Phoenix area and need a dumpster, approach Arizona Roll Off Services. We deliver unmatched dumpster rental services for homeowners and commercial business owners. Let us help you cut costs for your waste management and removal project. Contact AZROS customer support for quick and reliable solutions. 

How Do You Avoid Dumpster Rental Overage Fees in Phoenix?

Dumpster rental overage fees are 100% avoidable; you can pay the flat-rate fee upfront and use the container responsibly to avoid fines. Our ultimate goal is to keep the service costs to the bare minimum for our customers, ensuring you enjoy a seamless rental process.

1. Hire From A Reputable Phoenix Dumpster Rental

Working with a local Phoenix dumpster rental is an excellent idea to avoid inconveniences. A reputable hauler ensures you get the correct information and services when needed. You need a responsive Phoenix dumpster rental that responds swiftly to your concerns, like when you need to know the weight limits and acceptable debris. 

Importantly, understand the terms of service provided by your local company. Dumpster rentals have guidelines regarding acceptable waste materials, weight limits, and rental timeframes. Ask about the applicable overage fees, so you’re aware of the situation. 

2. The right Dumpster Size is Key.

Dumpster overage fees can be a result of overloading or overfilling. The wrong dumpster size is often the root cause of overloading. Pick the right dumpster size from the start, ensuring it matches your job size. We supply three different dumpster sizes to suit your unique project. The 20-cubic yard bin is excellent for small and medium home remodeling works. Our 30-cubic yard roll-off works for home and commercial construction jobs. The 40-cubic yard roll-off dumpster is our biggest container for construction and demolition projects. Whether working on a minor home upgrade or an entire construction project, we can supply the right dumpster size for your job site cleaning. Need to know what size fits your project? Our customer support is super helpful.

3. Know and Avoid Banned Debris

It is easy to group everything as waste when cleaning out house junk or disposing of construction waste. However, only some things go to the dumpster because there are guidelines and waste management to follow. The rule of thumb is to confirm with your hauler the kinds of acceptable debris. AZROS prohibits toxic materials like paints, chemicals, medical waste, batteries, and electronic waste in the dumpster. Putting banned items in the bin can cost you a pretty penny. Stick to the original list of acceptable items to avoid paying fees to handle prohibited debris. 

4. Plan Your Rental Time to Avoid Extension Fees

Extending your rental period can cost extra fees. Often dumpster rental extension fees accrue daily, which can be expensive. We offer flexible rental periods; you can customize them to fit your project’s schedules. Consider the time it will take to clean out the debris when scheduling your dumpster. Most standard rental time is seven days, but you can rent for more or fewer days.

Dumpster rental overage fees in Phoenix

5. Prepare for Drop-Off and Pick-Ups

You need enough space to accommodate the dumpster, including room for roll-aways and pick-ups. Dumpster trucks will need some room to incline and stage the dumpster. Obstructions can make it a hassle to deliver or retrieve the dumpster. Hence, you might have to pay dry-run fees.

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What Can You Put in a Phoenix Roll Off Dumpster?

If you’re wondering what can you put in a Phoenix roll off dumpster, you’ve come to the right place! Renting a roll-off dumpster is a great way to keep a job site clean, make work efficient, reduce carbon footprint and costs, and make a worksite safer. Notably, a roll-off container is a multipurpose container for residential and commercial projects. So, What can you put in A Phoenix roll-off dumpster?

While booking a dumpster in Phoenix is the most straightforward process, there are provisions on acceptable and prohibited garbage. This article provides a guide to the type of waste you can put in your dumpster. Whether you’re wondering if you can put old furniture, wood, dirt, stones, or siding material, this article has all the answers. 

Acceptable Waste You Can Put in a Dumpster

Understanding the types of acceptable items you can put in a roll-off container is an important step before booking a dumpster. And such guidelines exist to protect the environment, guarantee safety and ensure you dispose of waste responsibly. Putting the wrong items in a roll-off dumpster could cost you a pretty penny. 

Below are waste types that are safe to put in a Phoenix roll-off dumpster. It is also crucial to say that the kind of waste you can put in a dumpster can vary depending on the container size. 

Remodeling waste

You can put renovation debris in your Phoenix roll-off dumpster. Remodeling projects vary, which means you can produce various kinds of junk. Your project can generate multiple waste materials from the kitchen, bathroom, garage, roof, and exterior renovation. A roll-off dumpster can accommodate drywall, siding, tiles, bricks, wood, cabinetry, countertops, vanities, scrap metals, hardware, plaster, and lumber. 

The most vital thing is to watch the weight limits, as some remodeling debris can be super dense. Pick the right dumpster size by considering your project’s nature and scope. For example, Our 20-yard dumpster can work well for small kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects. 

what can you put in a Phoenix roll off dumpster

Household clutter

Spring cleaning can be exciting, but where do you put the junk? Not to fret, household junk is another waste category you can put in a Phoenix roll-off dumpster. Dispose of knick-knacks, old furniture, carpets, clothes, etc., in a roll-off bin. Ask your Phoenix dumpster provider if they can take upholstered items.

Construction and Demolition Debris

A roll-off dumpster can be valuable to any construction or demolition project. First, it helps your project meet the local building and environmental codes. Secondly, cleaning up a job site during and after work is more manageable. You can put the C&D waste into the dumpster as you produce them.

These materials include concrete, bricks, wood, dirt, asphalt, and metals. There are specific dumpster sizes for heavy debris, and we’re proud to have them here at Arizona Roll Off Services. Whether planning to demolish or build a property, we offer containers ideal for heavy materials ranging from 20 to 40 cubic yards. 

Roofing debris

Roofing debris can also go into a Phoenix roll-off dumpster. You only need the right bin size, whether shingles, tiles, gutters, flashing or metal panels. Remember, toxic roofing materials like asbestos might be among the prohibited items, and verifying it first is crucial. 

What Can You Put in A Roll-off Dumpster in Commercial Projects?

A roll-off dumpster can also service commercial projects, and we’re excited to service retail businesses in Phoenix. We offer container sizes ranging from two to eight and are perfect for typical commercial and residential waste. 

Don’t let waste halt your business; we offer routine collection services, ensuring your commercial dumpster is emptied on time. Are you ready? Whatever job you have, you can count on us for quick drop-offs and pick-ups. Contact Arizona Roll Off Services today!


6 Reasons to Clean Out Junk Now

Are you wondering if it is the perfect time to clean out junk now? Hoarding junk can take up a lot of space, creating a mess. And it’s not just the mess you have to worry about; clutter is a recipe for trip and fall accidents and a haven for pesky pests. Furthermore, leaving clutter to pile up can make it labor-intensive and costly to clean up later. On the positive side, deciding to clean out junk now offers tons of benefits, and in this article, we’ll show you six reasons. 

1. Clean out junk now for therapeutic purposes.

Having junk fill up your space can be draining physically and mentally. It can be quite hard to complete other tasks when you’ve got tons of unwanted items on your property. Decluttering and cleaning out junk now can be therapeutic, elevate your mood, and improve your happiness

Eliminating junk involves picking up stuff, packing, dusting, cleaning, and disposal of debris. These physical activities can trigger the release of endorphins, hormones responsible for alleviating stress and pain and improving your mood. Additionally, creating a clutter-free home is satisfying and creates more optimized space.

2. You’ll make and save money.

You might have some valuable items inside your house if you’re wondering where to find the next treasure to sell and make money. Finding valuable items lost in heaps of junk can be hard unless you purge through the trash. Cleaning out debris now is the perfect opportunity to find valuable items to sell. Sort through your items and determine things to keep, sell or donate. You can plan and host a garage sale or sell stuff online through sites like eBay, Facebook, or Instagram. 

How does cleaning out junk now save you money? Dealing with less trash is easier and less costly. You can DIY and might not need a pro to clean up your house, saving you money.

3. Creates clutter-free space for rearrangement

Do you need to create a home office, meditation room, or entertainment space? It can be a hassle to accomplish those goals when junk is in the way. Removing the garbage now creates space for rearrangement. Whether you need to renovate or redesign your room, it is easier when there is no clutter. 

6 reasons to clean out junk in Phoenix

4. Cleaning out junk now boosts productivity.

Another reason to clean out junk is to boost overall productivity at home and work. Hoarding unwanted items can be distracting and ridiculously time-consuming. Removing the trash makes navigating your space more effortless, and finding stuff when needed is a breeze. 

Furthermore, a junk-free home boosts efficiency and encourages you and your family to spend more quality time at home. 

5. Clean out junk to improve your home’s value.

Junk impedes traffic flow and makes a spacious home look crammed up, unappealing, and smaller. Removing trash now will make your space appear larger, more open, and more appealing. Disposing of debris is imperative if you’re looking to sell or rent out your space. 

Additionally, a junk-free property gives prospects an impression that you’ve maintained your home and are willing to pay handsomely for it.

6. Cleaning out junk sets you ready for an easy move

Planning to move soon? The idea of moving houses can be stressful, and the actual moving day can be nerve-wracking. Another reason to dispose of junk is that it makes moving easy; you’ll have fewer items to worry about and cut moving costs. Discarding garbage also makes packing and unpacking items easier, saving you time. 

Cleaning out junk now is an easy goal you can accomplish

Arizona Roll Off Services is at your service when you need junk removal services. Cleaning home trash can be labor-intensive and time-consuming; we provide dumpsters, 20, 30, and 40-cubic yards for any project situation.

Guide to Dumpster Sizes in Phoenix

Are you doing a home remodeling or construction job and need to rent a dumpster in Phoenix? A roll-off container is a reliable tool for construction and residential job sites, allowing you and your contractors to eliminate trash hassle-free. The right size dumpster can be a wallet-friendly, easiest and fastest way to dispose of debris. Estimating the best dumpster size for your job can be tricky due to the many size options available in the market. This guide to dumpster sizes in Phoenix will help you make informed decisions regarding your dumpster rental.

How to measure the size of a dumpster?

Measuring the size of a dumpster is pretty straightforward. You measure your trash container’s exterior length, width, and height in feet. However, to get the total volume, you’ll need to multiply those dimensions, giving you the container’s capacity in cubic feet. You’ll need to divide the results by 27 to get the volume in cubic yards. The capacity in cubic yards is the amount of trash you can load into the container.

Don’t worry if you don’t like crunching the numbers because roll-off containers are pre-measured to the industry standards. Our Arizona Roll Off Services specialists will point out the correct dumpster size for your projects.

Residential and construction dumpster sizes in Phoenix

The containers we provide at Arizona Roll Off Services include 20, 30, and 40-cubic yard dumpsters. These different sizes serve various project types, whether you’ve got a residential clean-up or new home construction. Let’s break down the typical project scale each of these containers can handle. We’re confident that our customers can find the perfect dumpster for their endeavors. 

20-Yard Dumpster

Whether decluttering or renovating, having a spacious debris container can make a difference. Our 20-yard roll-off can hold up to 20 cubic yards of waste from residential or construction work. This amount of junk equals six to eight truckloads of garbage, making this dumpster size a great option for home clean-outs and small construction jobs. Our 20-cubic yard dumpster is often the best for heavy debris like tiles, concrete, dirt, yard waste, etc.

guide to dumpster sizes in Phoenix

30-Yard Dumpster

A 30-yard dumpster carries up to 30 cubic yards of debris. Typically, this dumpster size can move debris equal to nine to eleven pick-up truckloads. It is the most preferred option for medium residential renovations, roofing projects, landscaping, windows and siding replacements, home additions, and new building constructions. 

40-Yard Dumpster

Complete home renovations or new constructions can produce too much waste, so we provide a mega dumpster size—40 cubic yards roll-off. It can hold any size of debris equal to 12 to 14 pick-up truckloads. You should request this dumpster size when you have extensive estate clean-out, foreclosure clean-up, or new constructions. Whatever job you throw our way, you can rest easy that we provide the correct container for the job. 

How to pick the size of the dumpster for your project?

Now that you understand the popular dumpster sizes in Phoenix, how do you select the right one for the job? When choosing the right container size for the waste, it is vital to consider your project’s needs. First, know your debris size and job scale to help the right dumpster size. Some debris can be little but super heavy, like dirt, concrete, tiles, and shingles, while other waste types can be extensive, taking more space in the container. 

All dumpster sizes have a weight cap preventing you from overfilling or loading the dumpster. Often, your rental can charge additional fees for overloading, or they may not pick up the container if you’ve got junk lying haphazardly in the dumpster. 

If you have difficulty choosing the dumpster size for your job in Phoenix, you can count on Arizona Roll Off Services‘ customer support. Contact us today!


Understanding Dumpster Rental Overage Fees in Phoenix

Dumpster rental overage fees are the total sum of money you can pay to cover additional dumpster services. Often you may have to pay overage fees if you breach the dumpster rental terms of use. This can stretch your budget and delay your project. Thankfully, you can 100% avoid dumpster rental overage fees. Understanding dumpster rental overage fees in Phoenix is crucial to avoid shelling more money for things you could avoid. Today we share the most common dumpster overage fees and how they can affect the overall dumpster rental fees.

What are the types of dumpster rental overage fees?

When you hire a dumpster, you typically deal with disposal, hauling, local taxes, and dumpster size fees. Once you sign up for the rental, your provider will give you the terms and conditions you must follow for an efficient and smooth process. While it can cost a couple of dollars if you breach the terms, some contract breaches could cost you thousands. 

When you rent a container, ensure you get all the information regarding your rental, including dumpster dos and don’ts. Below are the standard dumpster rental overage fees you can expect in Phoenix.

Cancellation fee

Here is a scenario; you rent your dumpster and set up a delivery date. However, life happens, and you decide to put your remodeling, home cleanout, or yardwork on hold for a while. This means you’ll no longer be using the roll-off container you requested. What happens? You contact your Phoenix dumpster rental for a cancellation. And since your provider had reserved it for you, they’ll lose money when you cancel your rental. This is why dumpster rental companies impose cancellation fees. A dumpster rental cancellation fee takes care of the company’s interests, varying from one provider to the other. 

understanding dumpster rental overage fees in Phoenix

Extension fee

The dumpster extension fee is another example of a dumpster rental overage fee, and it can influence dumpster costs in Phoenix. Technically, you can rent a dumpster for a fixed period, like one week, two weeks, or a month. Dumpster rental services are unique to your needs, and it is even possible to rent for a longer time. 

However, sometimes you might need the container on site for a little while. Dumpster rentals charge extension fees daily, and the cost varies depending on your provider. If you anticipate that your project will take a long time, it’s best to customize a long-term dumpster rental.

Overloading fee

Whether renting a 20, 30, or 40-yard dumpster, these containers have a weight cap. Any weight beyond the limit can attract a dumpster overloading fee. In some cases, it can be quite a hassle and safety hazard to haul an overloaded dumpster. You may be forced to unload the excess debris. And if your hauler has to wait around for you to unload, you might also incur wait fees. 


You need to get the right dumpster size to avoid overloading fees, and our dumpster experts can help you. Estimate the garbage and understand the material types you want to dispose of, as this helps decide the best dumpster size for your project. 

Trip fee

A trip fee, also known as a dry run fee, applies if your delivery team can’t drop off the dumpster. This could be due to minimal placement and obstructions that interfere with delivery and pick-up services. Your Phoenix dumpster rental will charge a trip fee to accommodate transportation costs and time. 

Environmental fee

Dumpster rental companies strive to work and provide eco-friendly waste disposal services. And to achieve this, you’ll have to chip in with the costs, which is the environmental fee. Usually, it is a small percentage of the dumpster rental fee.


Avoiding dumpster rental overage fees

Are you ready to book your container rental? Arizona Roll Off Services is at your service and we provide transparent pricing so you can ensure you know what you’re getting up front. Ready to book? Contact us today.


4 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster in Phoenix

Are you stuck with stuff you can’t sell, donate or use anymore? Or perhaps you’ve got a construction project on the horizon? Dealing with clutter and construction debris can be depressing. And regardless of the project type, you need a safer and more cost-effective disposal solution for the waste. Dumpster rental can be a great help to eliminate waste efficiently and cost-effectively. Let’s look at the 4 reasons to rent a dumpster in Phoenix plus one bonus reason.

4 reasons to rent a dumpster in Phoenix

Spring cleaning

Home clean-up —including spring cleaning— is one of the best reasons to rent a dumpster.

Spring cleaning can be a major home clean-out that results in massive garbage. Whether you clean out your house every season or do it once in a long while, dealing with trash can be exhausting. Renting a dumpster will give you the much-needed extra support to dispose of the waste.

Whether you’ve got a small kitchen to purge, an attic to declutter, or a garage clean-out during spring, the right container makes the work easier. 


Do you want to redo your kitchen, bathroom, or the entire property? Removing demolition debris and junk can be tiring for a renovation project. You can use a dumpster to remove tiles, drywall, carpeting, concrete, old furniture, toilet, tub, shingles, and much more.

The best part is that you’ll get the right dumpster size for every renovation size. Whether you want to fix the windows, add a room, or renovate a multi-family home, your dumpster rental can help. 


Yard cleaning can be more than trimming branches and removing bushes. You’ll need a dumpster if you have to remove decking, create walkways, curve out edges, sod, tree stumps, and dirt. A 20-yard dumpster, for instance, can clear six to eight pickup truck loads of yard debris at a go, and this means that you can dispose of tons of yard debris quickly.

4 reasons to rent a dumpster in Phoenix


Construction sites are synonymous with debris, and dumpsters efficiently handle the waste. Whether you’re building a residential, commercial, or industrial property, your hauler can remove the garbage in record time. Also, it is mandatory to create a reliable waste plan for construction sites to guarantee the site’s safety and environmental protection.

In Phoenix, you can rent a dumpster for construction waste like concrete, metals, wood, glass, plastics, ceramics, tiles, bricks, cement, dredging, insulation, and bituminous materials.

If these 4 reasons to rent a dumpster in Phoenix aren’t good enough, don’t forget about our bonus reason:


Are you ready to move homes? Moving is another (bonus) reason to rent a dumpster in Phoenix. The amount of decluttering you’ll need to do can be astronomical. You’re likely to find dozens of boxes full of things you don’t need. And such stuff will waste your time, space and money to move them to the new place. Dumpsters are handy when you need to remove all the unwanted things in your home before moving. 

You can toss unwanted furniture, appliances, mattresses, books, cardboard, papers, and any junk in between. When you schedule a dumpster service, you won’t have to worry about recycling and junk disposal before moving.

Rent a dumpster in Phoenix from Arizona Roll Off Services

Are you remodeling, landscaping, or building in the Phoenix area and need a dumpster? Arizona Roll Off Services crew is here for you. Whether you need a container for a residential, commercial, or industrial project, we’ve got the right sizes for the job.

We offer 20, 30, and 40-yard dumpsters ideal for home jobs, construction sites, and commercial businesses. Dispose of up to fourteen pickup truck loads of construction debris without breaking a sweat. Rent a dumpster in Phoenix for a day, three days, a weekend, or even a couple of weeks hassle-free.