What to Do with Construction Waste

Do you have construction waste and wondering what to do with them? Constructions, demolitions, and remodelings contribute more than 35% of the country’s solid waste volumes, which calls for a careful and eco-friendly strategy to dispose of debris. Many options are available, ensuring a smooth and easy way to eliminate construction waste. Arizona Roll Off Services helps homeowners and builders dispose of construction debris efficiently. We provide the right team of specialists and the equipment you need to clean up your worksite. Did you know that up to 90% of construction debris is recyclable? Keep reading to understand what to do with construction waste.

How to Eliminate Construction Waste Responsibly?

Construction debris comes in two major categories, hazardous and non-hazardous construction waste. You can reuse and recycle non-hazardous C&D waste, while toxic ones can be pretty harmful and pose a substantial environmental pollution risk. Examples of non-toxic construction rubble include tiles, ceramics, concrete, untreated wood, gypsum material, metals, wires, soils, stones, glass, and bricks. Hazardous waste includes paints, plasterboards, paint thinners, asbestos, aerosol cans, and fluorescent bulbs. 

Understanding the difference between these two types of construction debris makes it easier to dispose of responsibly. This is much simpler if using a roll-off dumpster to sort and haul construction waste. 

Donate or Sell

Do you want to demolish or upgrade a property? Many buildings’ structural components might be in perfect condition, and someone else might find them helpful. Donating or selling are some of the best ways to eliminate construction waste. Knowing that the debris or deconstructed materials from your projects will help a good cause is a great feeling. Many organizations and communities appreciate donations of construction materials. 

Some non-profits offer deconstruction services or accept donations directly, diverting a large percentage of solid waste. You can donate some of the materials: salvaged doors, windows, flooring materials, wood, appliances, etc. Do you have excess building materials? You can sell leftover construction waste instead of sending them to a landfill. 

Selling building materials left after completing your project is an excellent way to recoup the money spent. Even better, some buyers can offer to pick up the materials, so you don’t have to worry about transportation. Sell to individuals or companies and create space in your property. Examples of excess construction materials to sell include concrete, pavers, bricks, tiles, wood, and metals. 

Recycle Construction Waste

Recycling is another eco-friendly way to manage your construction trash. It is typical to destroy old, damaged, and unwanted structures to pave the way for new building projects. However, the crushed debris has to go somewhere. You can recycle crushed concrete into new fill materials or, better yet, new concrete materials. 

Furthermore, you can upcycle metals and old wood into home decor. Metals and glass can be recycled indefinitely, meaning recycled products from such waste are as good as new. Upcycling brick is a sustainable option instead turning them into landfill garbage. Some creative ways to reuse bricks are creating a fire pit, a water feature, or a pathway in the garden. 


Another option for construction debris disposal is landfilling. This process involves burying solid waste in designated disposal areas. You move construction waste to the landfills and pay the pre-requisite fees for disposal. There are federal and state guidelines for landfilling, and it is essential to understand them before taking your waste there. Arizona Roll Off Services can help you tackle construction waste. We provide convenient containers, making cleaning up construction and demolition sites easier.

What to Do with Construction Waste: Consider a Roll-Off Container for Construction Waste

A roll-off container is a wallet-friendly solution when removing construction debris. Our area of specialty is providing a 20, 30, or 40YD roll-off container. Reserve your dumpster and snug the best prices. Contact us today.