Do you have e-waste to discard in Phoenix? Electronic waste is quickly becoming a problem thanks to ever-growing technology. Unlike other waste types, electronic garbage contains varying amounts of plastics, metals, and glass that can be toxic to our environment. Some metallic elements in electronic waste include lead, cadmium, mercury, sulfur, aluminum, copper, iron, gold, titanium, etc., which can contaminate the soil. On the other hand, some of these e-waste components are precious and useful if taken through the correct recycling process. Proper collection, storage, and recycling are essential to curb technology’s environmental impacts. This article is a complete 2023 Phoenix e-waste guide.

What is E-waste? Your personalized Phoenix E-Waste Guide

E-waste is any electronic device you no longer want for various reasons. It could be old, damaged, not working, or outdated compared to new ones. These obsolete devices include laptops, computers, TVs, DVD players, cellphones, gaming equipment, printers, and much more. 

Recent research shows that an average household has access to more than twenty-two devices. Where do all these items go when upgrading to the latest, slim, lightweight devices? These can contribute to millions of tons of electronic waste produced annually. Below are ways to handle your e-waste in Phoenix, Arizona.

How Do I Dispose of Electronics in Arizona?

The City of Phoenix is committed to providing reliable e-waste collection, diversion, and disposal. It has a collection program for hazardous household waste disposal, and you can sign up for the program, which is available for all customers. Drop-off programs can be considered when you want to eliminate e-waste.


Do you want to upgrade, but the current devices are in perfect condition? Many charity organizations, communities, and schools could use your donation. Donating is one of the easiest and most responsible ways to eliminate e-waste. Upcycling your electronics is the best way to extend the devices’ life span and protect virgin resources from exploitation. Additionally, it helps reduce the amount of electronic garbage that ends in landfills. 


E-waste recycling is another responsible pathway for obsolete devices. It is a process that aims to recover precious metals and components in the e-waste for use in manufacturing new products. Recycling e-waste can help eliminate the need to mine new raw materials and reduce hazardous waste in the disposal sites.

You can use many e-waste recycling companies; look for a certified e-waste recycler. ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) is an R2 leader, offering responsible recovery, repair, and recycling of all electronic waste. Before recycling, certified e-waste recyclers follow the laid-down procedures for recycling electronics, including destroying your data for safety reasons. 


Did you know you can sell your pre-owned electronics? That’s right! One of the best ways to offload electronics is by selling them online or offline. Whether you have a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or computer to dispose of, there are dozens of online platforms committed to buying and selling old electronic devices. 

Selling old electronic devices can make you hundreds of dollars, even offset a new device purchase. The most important thing is guarding your privacy before selling the device to someone else. Wipe your data by resetting the device to factory settings, or find a technician to help you. 

Take/buy-back programs.

Another reliable pathway for e-waste in Phoenix is electronic take or buy-back programs. With this program, the specific device manufacturer or seller offers a recycling solution for obsolete materials. For instance, if you have an HP laptop to dispose of, you can check with the company if they have take-back programs near you. Often, the manufacturer or seller will take back devices for recycling at no extra fee to you or can offer you a reward. Sometimes, the company can offer buy-back programs, so you can return the old devices and top up a certain amount of cash to get a new one.

If you are remodeling or cleaning out a home, you can rent a dumpster with Arizona Roll Off Services and we can guide you on proper e-waste disposal.